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Cloud Betfair

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Betting exchange and online casino operator Betfair has announced that it will launch its new App Cloud service later this week offering software developers the opportunity to build their own transactional websites and widgets from its sports exchange platform.

As part of an official partnership, Betfair revealed that English Premier League football club Manchester United is to be the first to go live with a betting facility utilising its new App Cloud.

“Other App Cloud-based products are in the pipeline including a betting widget set to launch soon on odds comparison website OddsChecker.com,” read a statement from Betfair.

Betfair declared that the App Cloud service will be open to developers from tomorrow via a special website at Cloud.Betfair.com offering developers the ability to construct Betfair-hosted interfaces on their own websites in order to offer customers its products designed and built by themselves. The service’s Application Programming Interface will provide live data from the exchange operator for software developers to use in their own products.

Non Betfair-owned and built interfaces operating off Betfair’s Application Programming Interface currently contribute approximately 20 percent of its sports exchange revenues and Betfair expects this figure ‘to grow as the process of building these external applications is made easier for developers and more accessible for their customers’.

“Our App Cloud will further enhance the dynamism and productivity of Betfair’s developer community and, in turn, make more Betfair products accessible to more customers,” said Carel Vosloo, App Cloud Director for Betfair.

“Having a vibrant developer community enables Betfair to outsource ingenuity and facilitate further innovation in its product range. We’re the only ones in our industry to offer this service as only Betfair customers would pay for third-party applications. This is because only on Betfair do customers have a chance of being winners in the long-term.”


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