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Nowa wersja fairbota z dnia 8.02.2013

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Z dniem dzisiejszym ulepszenie Fairbota do wersji 3.3.


Najważniejsze zmiany:



We have prepared an updated version 3.3 of FairBot. Changes include:

  • Multi market feature. Now you can constantly monitor several markets by adding them to the "Market Watch List" to update their price history and keep pending bets active while you work with another market at the same time.

  • Fast market switching. Now FairBot switches between markets much more quickly than in the previous versions.

  • Added an ability to show "Virtual Bets (Prices)" in the Grid and Ladder interfaces to match market odds and available to bet amounts with the Betfair web site.

  • Average Odds. This replaces several matched bets placed on a single selection into one bet with corresponding odds and summarized stake.

  • Shortcuts to change the "Greening Up Price" option. Now it is possible to change the "Greening Up Price" between "Use Available Price" and "Use the most profitable price" values using shortcuts. See the Options window, Shortcuts page.

  • Various small fixes and improvements.


Przyznam że Market watch list może być sporym udogodnieniem w poruszaniu się między rynkami i oceną sytuacji gdzie i jak stoimy.

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